2022 FEMALES  

100 Commercial Hereford Heifers

60 F1 Baldy Heifers 

( 1-Truckload 100% sired by Van Newkirk Bulls)

70 Top Quality Angus females coming with their 2nd calf- AI’ed to Hulett sons

 Selling in lots of 10 or more.  Due to start calving March 7th.  Located in Douglas, Kansas.

100 Head of Very Elite Straight Hereford Commercial Heifers

  • This is an outstanding set of heifer calves right off Van Newkirk's replacement females. 

  • They are extremely deep bodied, long, maternal and easy fleshing, with consistent quality throughout.

  • They will make tremendous mother cows and are true foundation herd builders. 

  • The quality of the females runs as deep as the quality of the bulls, you will not be disappointed with these commercial heifers. 

  • They have had all of their vaccinations. poured with Ivermectin, as well as their bangs shot. 

  • They'll be weighing around 750-775#. 

  • Selling in lots of 10 or more- gate cut. 

  • Van Newkirk's will pay for half the freight for groups (multiple or single buyers) of 40 or more to one central destination.

  • For more info call Joe or Kolby 308-778-6049 or 778-6230

60 Fancy F1 Baldy heifers sired exclusively by

Van Newkirk bulls. 

  • Heifers should weigh 850 lbs by Jan 18. 

  • These are top quality long, deep heifers, they are January born so have the flesh, and age to breed well. 

  • These heifers have had all shots, bangs vaccinated, and age branded. 

  • In past years they've sold to Nebraska, Kansas, Georgia, and New Mexico and have bred up well. 

  • Selling one 1 load of 60 head, loaded on buyers truck, near Amarillo TX. 

  • For more info call Reid Scivally 806-676-0994

40 Head of Fancy Sandhills Raised F1 Baldie Heifers. 

  • These heifers have had all their shots, been poured with Ivermectin, and have been Bangs vaccinated.  

  • No heifers are kept back in this program and we believe they have the ability to make great mothers anywhere in the country. 

  • The Female side is Coneally/Vermillion genetics.  They are sired by upper end Van Newkirk Bulls.

  • These deep, easy fleshing heifers have been developed the right way and should be weighing 775- 800 lb. by sale time.

  • Selling as one lot.

  • They are located near Ashby, Nebraska but plan on viewing a sample draft on sale day.   

  • For More info call Matt Cover 308-458-7455 

S&M Baldy.jpg
70 Straight Black 3 year olds.jpg

70 Straight Black 3 year olds coming with their 2nd calf

  • Here's your chance to buy top quality females, and know exactly what you're buying. 

  • 70 head of Straight Black 3 year olds, out of top end Gardner genetics, AI'ed to Bakken and cleaned up with Bakken sons. 

  • 30 head sell as AI bred calving March 7th.

  • 40 head are bull bred, calving March 20-April 30. 

  • These elite females weaned off their first calves at 582# (no creep). 

  • They are year branded, cake broke, have had all shots.

  • They will sell in lots of 10 or more. 

  • They are located near Douglas, Kansas, 

  • We will have a selection of these females on display at Van Newkirk's on sale day. 

  • For more information, call Jason Dierks 316-435-4035 or Joe Van Newkirk 308-778-6049.