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SALE DAY JAN 15, 2024

100 Purebred Hereford Heifers 
Also - 4 Loads Fancy F1 Baldy Heifers

Have Not been Topped

Sired by Top End Van Newkirk Bulls

100 Head of Very Elite Straight Hereford Commercial Heifers

  • This is an outstanding set of heifer calves right off Van Newkirk's replacement females. 

  • They are extremely deep bodied, long, maternal and easy fleshing, with consistent quality throughout.

  • They will make tremendous mother cows and are true foundation herd builders. 

  • The quality of the females runs as deep as the quality of the bulls, you will not be disappointed with these commercial heifers. 

  • They have had all of their vaccinations. poured with Ivermectin, as well as their bangs shot. 

  • They'll be weighing around 750-775#. 

  • Selling in lots of 10 or more- gate cut. 

  • Van Newkirk's will pay for half the freight for groups (multiple or single buyers) of 40 or more to one central destination.

For more info call Joe or Kolby 308-778-6049 or 778-6230

S&M Baldy.jpg

1 Load Lot of Fancy Sandhills Raised F1 Baldie Heifers. 

  • These heifers have had all their shots, been poured with Ivermectin, and have been Bangs vaccinated.  

  • No heifers are kept back in this program and we believe they have the ability to make great mothers anywhere in the country. 

  • The Female side is Coneally/Vermillion genetics.  They are sired by upper end Van Newkirk Bulls.

  • These deep, easy fleshing heifers have been developed the right way and should be weighing 775- 800 lb. by sale time.

  • Selling as one lot.

  • They are located at Oshkosh, Nebraska and available for viewing on sale day.   

For More info call Matt Cover 308-458-7455 

Approx. 75 head F1 Baldy Heifers

Long time weaned, have had a complete shot program, have been poured with Ivermectin, wormed with Safegaurd, and bangs vaccinated. They are a moderate framed, easy fleshing set of heifers out of a set of cows that are culled hard for phenotype, udder quality, and disposition. Only Ai bred heifers go into this cowherd making the fertility second to none.  These heifers are not topped, and sired by front end Van Newkirk bulls. They will be weighing 750#.  Located in central Nebraska. Selling as 1 lot. 

For more information call Cody Cone @ 308-520-4687

Photo Dec 22 2021, 10 31 30 AM.jpg

75 Elite F1 Baldy Heifers.  Here's a fancy set of long, deep bodied, highly maternal Baldy females.  The Frerichs family have been buying top end Van Newkirk bulls for 3 generations, so fertility, and maternal genetics are bred into these heifers.  Cows are moderate to large framed.  Gentle temperament.  Selected for above breed avg WW and YW EPDs.   Solid feet and udders. They will have all shots, bangs, poured etc.  Their steer mates have averaged well over $1500 as 8 weights in January the last few years. These heifers are located at Dalton NE

For more info call Alex Frerichs 308-250-1742.

Approx. 50-55 head of Fancy, Sandhills raised

F1 Baldy Heifers. 

These heifers are deep bodied, easy fleshing, out of very top Van Newkirk bulls.  They will be weighing 750 lb. by sale day. These heifers are from a long-time established herd, that has a proven history of tremendous fertility, and carcass quality.  They feed out all their cattle, and get top $ on the grid.  They have had all their shots, been poured, and have been bangs vaccinated.  Selling as one lot.  Located at Oshkosh, Nebraska.  Ardissonos are neighbors to Van Newkirk’s, these heifers will be available to view sale day. 

For more information, call

Chuck Ardissono at 308-778-6212.

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