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herd bull 6187.jpg

CL1 Domino 6187 is in the top 1% of the breed for marbling, low birth weight, extreme growth and outstanding carcass.  6187's EPDs rank in the top 2-3 % of the breed for YW, REA, and IMF 

Bakken Powerhouse performance sire! Bakken bends the growth curve with added fleshing ability. His calves all look the same and offer extremely quiet dispositions.


HH Advance 7156 Consistent sire of volume, performance, and carcass.  Super pasture bull.

Sensation 028X Unequaled calving ease specialist with top notch performance and carcass.  Check out the spread between his birth weight and weaning weight.

UU Sensation 4025 Reg # 43467706

UU Sterling 7007.jpg

UU Sterling 7007 Home raised sire with extra length and marbling.  We have used 3 sons form his mother.  Excellent pasture sire.

883F ET.jpg

CL 1 Domino 883  Maternal brother to 6187.  Sires stoutness and extra length.  Powerful sire group.

CL1 Domino 553 Top selling bull in Cooper’s 2013 sale. Terrific phenotype with curve-bending performance. Long, thick and yellow with a tremendous hindquarter.

7100 ranks as one of the most powerful, potent and complete performance sires in the Hereford breed.  His combination of calving ease with curve bending growth, superb maternal traits and breed leading carcass grid specs is unequaled.  Progeny are functional, practical, complete beef cattle that excel in every phase of the beef production chain.

HH Advance 6148D ET.jpg

HH Advance 6148 Used extensively on 1st calf heifers with tremendous results.  Breeds length, volume and performance.  Very active pasture bull.

herd bull Kingsley 7241.jpg

UU Kingsley 7241 Used as a heifer bull with good results.  Curve bending figures with tremendous carcass.  Very Athletic pasture sire.

UU Bakken 5169 Reg # 43572193


CL1 Domino 215Z Breed-leading, curve-bending sire. Top of the line carcass with elite females!

UU Sensation 2032 Sensation son out of our top cow.  2032 is a deadshot calving ease bull that offers great pigment,  tremendous performance and carcass.

7146 All around sire for breed leading females as well as calving ease and extreme top carcass traits.


SR Rendition 1433A Moderate framed, powerful growth, top maternal genetics.