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All Semen $25/straw - 10 straw minimum  *(unless otherwise noted)
Click to on photo to link to Pedigree and current EPD information
herd bull Kingsley 7241.jpg

UU Kingsley 7241 

*Proven Heifer bull superstar

*12 trait leader

*Curve Bending EPDs

*Tremendous Carcass


*Athletic pasture sire

lot 164s.jpg

UU Hulett 9206 

12 Trait leader

* Low BW with Huge growth & carcass numbers

* Top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, Carc Wt 

* Top 3% of breed for Marbling and CHB

* This guy is a STUD

* Owned with Larry Stangle

Kingsley 0244.jpg

UU Kingston 0244 

*Our newest heifer bull superstar

*Kingsley son with a more growth and carcass


*Top 3% of the breed for REA 

* Top 2% for CHB

* Top 6% for Marbling

883F ET.jpg

CL 1 Domino 883  Maternal brother to 6187.  Sires stoutness and extra length.  Powerful sire group.

22 Sons Sell.

SR Bakken 62Z 

* Powerhouse performance sire

 *Bends the growth curve with added fleshing ability. 

 *His calves all look the same  

 *Extremely quiet dispositions.

 *Breeds Pigment

HH 9214.jpg

HH Advance 9214 

*Power house sire 

 *Big time performance record

 *Will add pigment. 

 *Limited semen available cost $30/straw

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