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  • Van Newkirk Herefords

Every bull is a picture bull.  Why does Joe feel so strongly about getting a picture of every single bull?  Strong genetics and consistent quality from start to finish are important.  You want to buy bulls from a herd that has been breeding consistent TOP quality genetics for years not a one hit wonder. 

When you walk through the bull offering every bull should be as top notch as the first bull in the ring because that’s how strong they’ll breed the genetics onto their calves. It takes years of stacking top quality genetics into the cows so that their bulls breed that quality on. They should all be long as a coal train-length adds the profitable pounds you need and still gives you calving ease. They should all be easy fleshing-so they convert, feed well, hold their condition, and their daughters breed back.  Large contemporary or calving groups-(this is two-fold)-first, EPD’s are far more accurate from large calving groups and secondly, you can quickly spot trends in herd sires. You’re not just buying bulls for next years calf crop; you’re buying bulls that are going to impact the future of your cowherd for years to come.  So, what’s important, calving ease, docility, marbling to hit the grids, easy fleshing, structure, length and growth for the pounds and $$, maternal?  Clearly, all of these are very important.  Some of these traits are antagonistic against the other. That’s why Joe believes so strongly that it takes generations of breeding and culling to consistently improve.  You can’t add marbling over night without losing easy fleshing or fertility.  As your browsing through bull catalogs look for a herd that the quality of the offering is consistent from top to bottom and the EPD’s are consistent thru out the offering- that’s the kind of calves those bulls will breed.

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  • Van Newkirk Herefords

We are getting calls from people looking for good quality females.  So we wanted to update you on these F1 Baldy Females selling.

100 F1X BWF bred heifers and 15 RWF bred heifers all sired by good maternal Van Newkirk bulls. They are all home raised, OCV Bangs vaccinated with no brands. They are weighing 1100 lbs. They are bred to low birth weight black angus bulls and will start calving March 1 for 45 days. They will be preg checked, have the first scour shot and poured. They will be sold at Lexington Livestock Market in Lexington, Nebraska on January 14. If anyone has any questions they can call any of the guys.  Tom Campbell 308-367-6524 Doug Campbell 308-367-6545 Ted Campbell 308-367-6522

**Two loads of F1X BWF heifer calves all sired by top maternal Van Newkirk bulls, will sell during our bull sale- 1-20-20. These heifer calves will be weighing 825-850#.  They have had all shots, poured, and bangs.  These heifers are located outside of Amarillo Tx.  You’ll like their length, depth of body and how easy fleshing they are. Last year two loads sold into Western NE, they held their condition thru the tough winter, and bred up extremely well.

For more info call Reid Scivally (806) 676-0994

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  • Van Newkirk Herefords

I come from a long line of mustaches.  The Van Newkirk men have been mustache men for generations.  One of the original Van Newkirk's was a Pinkerton detective in Chicago with a pretty sweet stache.  In my 32 years of life I've only seen my Dad, Joe without a mustache 1 time.  That was after he promised my brother Nick and I that if we won the Border league baseball tournament he'd shave his "Stache". By the way, Joe's stache hasn't always been white.  I had to start growing my stache 90 days ago to look this amazing.  I think Travis started his two days ago.  Clearly not all mustaches are created equally. 

- Kolby Van Newkirk

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