A Hereford Bull is NOT a Hereford Bull.

What sets the Van Newkirk program apart?

  • LENGTH: The bottom line is that you sell by the pound and the extra length of Van Newkirk bulls add serious pounds and profits to your calves.  (Many of our repeat customers swear our bulls have an extra rib). They are LONG.

  • LONGEVITY: Structural correctness and easy fleshing ability have been bred into Van Newkirk bulls since 1947. Van Newkirk Bulls are working from south Texas to Canada, Virginia to California. Their easyfleshing ability and structural correctness allows them to perform well in any environment.

  • THE COWHERD: Van Newkirk bulls breed predictability. They breed strong because of our 70 + years of using top quality genetics.  Not one hit wonders. Van Newkirk bulls are raised by their own mothers in realistic conditions. We have never sold off our best females.  Our cows are some of the best in the breed.

  • BULLET PROOF TWO YEAR OLDS:  Van Newkirk 2 year old bulls are ready to go to work, breed a lot of cows in any environment. They hold up really well and don't require any special treatment, because they weren't over fed as yearlings. 200 + Bulls that all look the same.  There is no bottom end at the Van Newkirk's. You'll find quality throughout the entire offering.

  • LOW BIRTH WEIGHT, GROWTH & CARCASS:  Van Newkirk's jointly own the number 1 calving ease bull in the breed. Also ranks in the top 5% of the breed for milk and Growth and top 15% of the breed for Marbling and carcass.


Van Newkirk Herefords

18302 Hwy 26

Oshkosh, Nebraska  69154​

Joe Van Newkirk (308) 778-6049

Kolby Van Newkirk (308) 778-6230